Discover Suzanne Somer's Hair-Free Secret

Finding a real at-home affordable solution for permanent hair removal is a challenge. See why Suzanne wants to help other women eliminate the need for costly salon hair-removal treatments.

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Permanent Hair Removal From Home
eGlide Reviews

"I' ve been using eGlide for about 3 months on my facial hair and I have been very satisfied. I used to do lip waxing every two or three months. I've stopped my appointments. The savings alone has paid for this device already." - Regina, Washington

How does the eGlide work?

Using galvanic technology, eGlide transmits special currents to the hair follicles destorying their ability to re-grow. This technology works on both stubborn individual hairs and whole sections of unwanted hair. The eGlide removes unwanted hair at home safely and painlessly.

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