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I got my roller a few months ago and it has worked on peach fuzz on my face. The hair is mostly gone, not 100% but maybe like 80%. I want to try it on my legs next. I had no pain or problems with it and it is easy to use. My only worry about legs is that it will take quite some time, but it sure is cheaper than a laser!
– Babs

I received my Verseo eGlide Hair Removal Roller about two weeks ago. I've used it twice on really annoying hair that I keep getting on and around my chin. I can't believe the difference. I'm not constantly plucking and shaving morning and evening. There are only five very thin hairs remaining after only two uses. That's down from the 40 or so I was used to plucking in the morning and then shaving in the evenings. Yes, I did count the hairs I plucked. They were just that annoying to me. I have had laser hair removal in 2008 at a very reputable, costly professional establishment. I paid over $5,000. I did a year's worth of treatment and it did absolutely nothing. I also ordered the Tria Laser for at home use before the Verseo eGlide. I used it one time, but I quickly remembered what I did not like about laser hair removal...the PAIN. I sent it back and am still awaiting my refund. I do have to say that if you use the face roller mode as instructed, the eGlide keeps cutting off before completing a cycle. So I just use the body roller mode on my face as well. That solved the problem. Just let me add that I do not feel any discomfort whatsoever when using this product. It is totally pain free. I know it's working because your skin feels tingly and after the tratment my face is usually red for about an hour. Of course, that may be because I'm using the body roller mode on my face. It's not anything that would deter me from using the product. I thank God for this product and will continue to use it on my face and try it on other parts of my body as well. Thanks for this lifesaver...that's a bit dramatic, but I just firmly believe that women should not have hair on their chins. I certainly don't want them on mine.!
– D. Thorn

Note: Verseo recommends using the face mode for the face to avoid any sensitivty reactions. However, no permanent harm is done.

I was given this product to try out a few months ago. I represent Verseo in social media venues but this was independent of that. I have really thick hair and LOTS of it. The kind of hair that if I sneeze, I have to shave again. Permanent hair removal is a dream come true for me but I could never afford salon solutions. What I really liked about it was it's portability. It's almost the size and shape of a razor and fits nicely in your hand. I used it on my legs and face. On my face I definitely have seen a huge improvement. I have dark hair so a moustache line was quite embarassing for me. Now you honestly don't even notice it. On my legs I still have some stubble but DEFINITELY reduced. I wasn't very good at staying on top of it using it every week and as I said, I have a lot of hair. It's easy to get discouraged if you think you are going to roll it on and zap, hairs will be gone. It's more of a comittment than that. But so worth it in the long run. Beats getting expensive laser treatments. Even if I could afford it, with two kids, things like that are just to hard to schedule. I could do this at home, at night while watching TV. With summer around the corner I'm more motivated to stay on top of it and try to be truly hair free.
– Mary, 40 California

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